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Welcome to IT Tennis

Greensborough Racquet Services is NOW AVAILABLE.  Guaranteed Next Day Professional Service for all restrings and gripping of racquets.  Please contact via email for all restringing enquiries or bookings, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  We offer late night Drop Offs and Pick Ups right up to 8pm.


Restrings start at $20 for Labour Only and $35 for a standard Synthetic Gut, and grips start with overgrips at $5 and replacement grips beginning at $15 fitted with a restring.  There will be an updated list of available strings and prices in the near future. 


I'm currently in the middle of updating the website to give you as much information as possible about our services, so please feel free to send an email as I'm currently unable to take phone calls due to family committments.  At present it is not possible to do On The Spot restrings as well, but we are aiming to do so later in the year.


With over 10 years experience in the racquet services and retail business, we recently closed our retail business and are operating our professional racquet services business from Greensborough.  We use a Wilson Baiardo machine to guarantee that you get a consistant quality of restring every time.



Please contact us via email nathan@ittennis.com.au .


Important: RINGWOOD STORE IS CLOSED.  We are no longer a full retail tennis store, but we do still have some items left in stock.  Our premises are also located at a residential premises and we don't have normal business hours at this stage.